Rochdale Event 8th February 2019

The Pakistan Welfare Association arranged a function to honour the Small and Medium Enterprises of the Northwest England in cooperation with Rochdale Council and Rochdale Development Agency.

Councillor Zaman Ahmad, Mayor of Rochdale, invited the SMEthod team to present their work to the owners of Small and Mediums enterprises along with a briefing of the SMEthod’s work with influential policy makers.

Dr Fahad Hassan represented the SMEthod team at the function. The organizers of the function displayed SMEthod’s leaflet on every table along with the function programme.

Councillor Aasim Rashid, cabinet member for Regeneration, Business, Skills and Employment, Rochdale, welcomed the audience and invited Fahad to give a brief presentation of SMEthod.

Fahad presented the aims and objectives of SMEthod to the audience. He also discussed the significance of SMEthod’s work for SME’s. He briefed how SME’s would be able to benefit from SMEthod’s research and the opportunities offered by Lancaster University for the development of better performing and Innovative SME’s.

Tony Lloyd, MP for Rochdale and Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, thanked the owners of the small and medium businesses and honoured them with awards.

Fahad briefed the influential policy makers including Tony Loyed (MP), Councillor Zaman Ahmad (Mayor of Rochdale) and Wasim Chaudry (Assistant Chief Constable, Greater Manchester Police) about the research of SMEthod after the award ceremony.