Better SME’s for Better Innovation by PaweL Nowakowski and Katarzyna Stachurska-Kadziak

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

The webinar will introduce participants to the improved methodology of segmenting innovative SMEs for innovation support. The speakers will discuss the issues of SME innovativeness and innovation support systems developed by public institutions. You will learn about the significance of the central topic of the SMEthod project, that is segmentation of SMEs by supporting organizations to properly match relevant instruments such as tax relief, loans, subsidies etc to different segments of firms. You will become familiar with the project’s new approach, which takes account of industry sectors, lifecycles, innovation cycle, and social and regional aspects, and enables stakeholders to tailor the framework to their specific needs. Last but not least, the speakers will review a decision support tool, currently under development by SMEthod, which will assist supporting organizations in data management and their decision-making process.